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Can't Never Could

When I was a child and I would get frustrated about something I was trying to succeed at but kept falling short I would shout, "I can't do it!" I think a lot of us can relate to that feeling of continuously trying to succeed at something, trying to pick ourselves up from a rut or some other seemingly impossible task, and simply wanting to shout, "I give up, I can't do this!"

When I would reach this point, my grandfather, in his most patient voice would say, "Can't Never Could". 

What exactly does that mean, "Can't Never Could"? Well, at that moment, to me it just meant that I shouldn't give up. But as I look back on those words, they have so much meaning. Succeeding isn't just about ability, it is about mindset. If you believe you can't do something well, then you are right. Can't Never Could is about finding a way, no matter the obstacle. And at CNC, we want to help you find the support you need to change that CAN'T mindset into not just a CAN, but a WILL.

Helping Hands

About Us

Serving the Community

CNC, LLC strives to provide much-needed community services in the Beaumont, TX area. Some of our services include:

- CPR/First Aid/AED and BLS Training

     - Includes in-person, blended learning, and online options.

     - Group sessions available for daycare facilities or other on-site

       groups at a discounted rate.

- Free assistance with finding community resources


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